Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategy for Doctor

What are the Top Digital Marketing Strategy for Doctor

Amused with the Heading?

Well don’t be, when everyone is running to Google for simplest question, why not search for nearest good doctors on internet. Hence, it is very important to have a Digital Marketing strategy for Doctor.

Those days are gone, when the people used to take reference of good Doctors from their friends or neighbor. Now the most common source to find a good Doctor around is internet

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Doctor around me
Like any other business establishment it is important for Doctors to have their digital presence. Question is how? and what are the Top Digital Marketing Strategy for Doctors ? 
This question is also important for country like India, where according to Drugs and Magic Remedies Act, advertisement by Doctors is prohibited in any media.
Marketing strategy for every business is different, so is the case with Doctors. Sometime Doctors do not understand the power of Social Media Marketing, but their patient do check reviews and rating before visiting them..
Doctor practicing in urban town need to be more equipped with Digital Marketing tool than a Doctor in rural market.
How to create a robust digital marketing strategy for Doctors. A marketing strategy for Doctor require full research. While creating a marketing strategy for Doctors it very important, that we present a picture of caring and understanding Doctor. Even Doctors can register themselves on Spiralshealth or other such platform.

So lets take you through with Top 7 Digital Marketing strategy for Doctors

The overall Digital Marketing strategy for Doctors could be same. But the sub set of the strategy may changes, so do consult your digital marketer.

Website or Digital Presence: It is very important for a Doctor to have a digital presence, so that if any one is looking for Doctor of your expertise then they can find you. But if you do want to take hassle of creating website of your own then you can take services of Spiralshealth or other such service provider and they will create a sub domain for you. The best part is that they will also do website maintenance.

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Doctors website look on

Register your business on Google : Every business should get registered on Google. One of the important part of digital marketing strategy for Doctor is Google registration. Business registered on google are easy to find and also easy to locate. Your patients can checkout reviews and other details. But if you are short of time then hire someone to do it for you. The best part of Spiralshealth is that they offer complete Digital marketing services for Doctors.

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Google my business view of dizspace

Patient Reviews : Most of the time your patient like your services, but is it stated anywhere? If not, ask your patient to give reviews about your services on Google, your website and all other social page where you have presence.

Content Marketing : Content marketing is also very important in Digital Marketing strategy for Doctor. As a Doctor you can ask your patient for their interviews on experience e.g. if you are a dentist or a dermatologist you can take picture of patients with their consent. And when you have cured them you can post the transformation picture or images. Content marketing helps a lot for spreading good voice.

Video Blogging : I know, I am asking too much but the video blogging is also an important tools for promoting your presence and reviews on Digital Marketing. So create good content, reviews of patient, content on type of services you offer. But again I am saying that if you cannot do it for yourself then hire services like Spiralshealth.

Paid Advertisement : Its very easy to run a paid advertisement on Google or any other social media platform. And because you can define your target area in term of geography or subject they are searching. This way people can easily find your services. You will get healthy traffic and lead, but you need to have a strong backend process to handle all lead properly.

Organize Health camps and promote digitally :  You can also organize health camp or collaborate with organization who does it. Use event photography for digital marketing. This way, people will know you and locate your place. Remember these are part for improving your presence digitally.

If you are a Doctor, then registered with Spiralshealth for Digital Marketing. Spiralsheath is also offer Patient Management services which includes Queue Management, Document Management, E-prescription, Data based insightful information on your business

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