Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant

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There are over a million fine dining restaurant and as per one of the study market value of fine dining restaurant in India will be about 40 billion Rupees. So it is very important to have a robust digital marketing strategy for restaurant.

For every restaurant owner competition is fierce. You should be ready to give all in, into your restaurant to make your venture a profitable business.

The first step toward a profitable restaurant business is off-course food and ambience but they are useless without customers. So how to bring customer to your restaurant and convert them to regular customer, building loyalty, this is where marketing plays a crucial role.

Today almost 90% of customer search for restaurant online, so it is very important to have a strong digital marketing strategy for your restaurant in place for your successful restaurant business. I have listed down Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy for Successful Restaurant Business

  • Social Media Marketing : It is very important for a restaurant to have Social Media presence. So start with creating a Facebook page for your business. Facebook page will help you with marketing your business. You need to create your Facebook¬† page with the view of your restaurant. It should offer all information w.r.t. your restaurant. Like photograph of inside and outside of your restaurant, your serviceable area , contact detail, menu list, reason for which people should visit your restaurant.
  • Google Business¬† : Your restaurant should also be listed on Google Business, that way anyone searching for nearby restaurant will be able to find your place. Maintaining Google business page is very easy, once it is verified you can upload information about your business, timing , contact details. Also encourage your customers to give reviews on Google. Take an example of XIBO, which is a a restaurant offering Chinese and Thai and Asian food. Any Chinese food lover searching for nearby restaurant will locate XIBO, checkout their opening and closing time, with Menu and other details.
  • Nearby Geography Targeted Advertisement : Once you have created your Facebook business page and also registered on Google business. You can start paid advertisement on Facebook and Google. Showcase your food to people around your place, run your campaign basis the seasonality, event, timing etc. It is very important to you utilize paid advertisement very effectively.
  • Listing with Restaurant Aggregator : There are lot of restaurant aggregators who have created a platform for food and dinning business promotion. You should list your business with them, this will help you improving your presence and also your business will get promoted with their promotional strategies.¬†
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Search nearby restaurant
  • Food Photographs & Social Media Engagement : Do not forget to take amazing photograph of your serving food. You can take help of professional to shoot some amazing photograph and promote them online. Regular photo or content posting on Social Media platform will create engagement with your customers.
  • Loyalty Program : Create loyalty program for customer, a program which can keep engagement level up the customer. They can look forward to visiting your restaurant again. You can use these loyalty program with your restaurant aggregator as well, this way customer would recommend you everywhere to other customers.
  • Email Marketing : Email marketing is also an effective tool in digital marketing. Every restaurant-preneur should take the contact details of customer they have served. This way they can keep them updated with their events and offer.
  • Content Marketing : It is very imperative to a an effective content marketing strategy for restaurant business. Content marketing in way of picture posting on all the social media platform, write about your food, write about event, keep your customer entertained with all the news and event at your restaurant.
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Food Blogging
  • Food Blogging : Create a blogging profile and do food blogging, video blogging. Showcase customer what they will get at your restaurant. Show them the experience which they will find at your restaurant.
  • Influencer Marketing : Partner with blogger who are in the vicinity and who have high followers. Invite them to your restaurant so that they can give reviews about your restaurant and the food.

In case you want us to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your business then contact us, and we will be happy to offer our services.

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