How To Build Content Marketing Strategy

When you hear the phrase Content Marketing , what is the first thing that ring’s the bell ? Video’s, Poster , Banner, Animation, Blog’s, Instagram, YouTube Video.

Content marketing is not born out of digital marketing. Content marketing was there from the beginning of mankind. It has evolved with human race and technology. Today’s version of content marketing is only technologically advanced version from what we were doing 100 years back.

Why it is important to have a content marketing strategy ?

Content marketing helps businesses to generate cost effective web traffic and business lead. It will help you generate revenue and a continuous source of revenue gives you flexibility to experiment on other source of revenue.

So, what is content ? if you ask me, “Content is King”

Content is King
Content is King

I would like to quote what Mr. Bill Gates wrote in January 1996, he published an essay titled “Content is King”, which was published on the Microsoft website. He said “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting”.

And we can see how millions of people are creating trillions of data every year.

If such high volume of content is getting generated, then it is very imperative to have a content marketing strategy in place. Strategy to make your content to stand out from the crowd.

What should be an ideal content marketing strategy for any business ? Or how should we create an effective content marketing strategy ?

  • Mission or Goal for Content Marketing : If you are planning to take up a project, then first start with setting up the objective or purpose. Write down your mission statement. What you will achieve with doing this activity.
  • Define your audience : Who will be reading your content ? For which geography you want to create content ? What is the category of audience ? Collect demographic data on your audience. It may student for examination preparation or housewife for part time business opportunity. Use multiple content and platform to target your audience.
  • Identify Best Content Platform : Your audience is already using social media platform. It is very important to know which all platform they are using most, what is the appropriate timing, what kind of content they scroll. It’s best to focus on what’s working and expand from there.
  • Re-visiting Content : If you are in business for a while, then you should meet your content development team. And Check what kind of content is developed. What worked in past and what did not worked. Basis your past content and their success you can develop your strategy for future.
  • Create a Content Calendar : It is very important to for any content marketing strategist to have a content calendar in place. This will help to plan better and deliver better.
  • Identify and Allocate Resources: You have your target’s for content marketing and you know your audience, which of your previous content worked and not. Now you can deploy your resources to achieve your target.
  • Measure the results : Now, that you have set up your content marketing strategy in place. It’s time to check the results and see if you are meeting your targets. You can check the results in Google Analytics

Now you know how to create a powerful content marketing strategy for your business.

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