This is where you will get most of your answers

Do you outsource writing to freelancers?

No! All of our writers are professional  writers. We’ll assign one writer to your business, who will work with you on a regular basis to learn about your audience, goals,brand and messaging.

What if I don't have blog?

No worries! We’ll help you setup and optimize your blog from start to finish!

Will readers recognize my business tone?

Yes! We work hard to learn your business’s unique tone and messaging. Our goal is to ghost-write for you seamlessly. We pride ourselves on functioning as a natural extension of your team.

Can I review content before it's published?

Absolutely! We’ll never publish anything without your getting your approval first.

Can I choose the topics?

Sure thing. We’re happy to do topic and keyword research ourselves, or you can pick the topics for us to write about. We’re flexible and easy to work with!